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npmWhat are Florida tenants really looking for? Ness Property Management Group is here to tell you what potential tenants are looking for and how you can deliver. There are a few key areas that tenants tend to focus on such as outdoor space, indoor area, cleanliness, openness, and location.

Improve your curb appeal by taking extra care of your outdoor area. Mow the lawn, clear weeds, and trim the flower bed so that potential tenants have a great first impression before they even walk inside. A clean curb can go a long way. Consider power washing the sidewalk and driveway for an extreme clean. First impressions are tough. Make the most of each step. A clean property make tenants take notice, feel secure, and gives them the opportunity to see themselves living there.

The ultimate goal of an open property and viewing is to give potential tenants the chance to imagine themselves in the space. That means you need to straddle the fine line of decorated and bare. As the property manager and landlord, you need to create an area that is attractive but vague enough for people to imagine their own furniture, styling, and their family in the space.

Potential renters have a few areas of interest that they focus on when it comes to the inside of the house or apartment. Depending on the state of the area and the financial situation, investing on renovations or professional cleaning may make all the difference. Understanding what your tenants want in housing will give you an advantage in the competitive industry. The most common things that tenants look for are:

  • Renovations
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Laundry Area
  • Closet and Storage Space
  • Large Windows natural light

Your tenants are looking for a property they can grow in; whether that means a year or so all the way to ten. Make potential tenants fell secure and impress them with the space’s cleanliness and care. Ness Property Management are experts in creating desirable properties that are always being snatched up by tenants. Make the most of your property and work towards a successful future in your property.