TenantsYou know what tenants look for outdoors, now find out what they’re looking for indoors. Potential renters have a few areas of interest that they’ll focus on when it comes to the inside of the house or apartment. As a landlord, depending on the state of the area, spending some money on renovations or a professional cleaning may make all the difference. Understanding what your tenants want in housing will give you an advantage in the competitive industry.

The most common things that tenants look for are:

  • Renovations
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Laundry Area
  • Closet and Storage Space
  • Large Windows natural light

The inside of the home should maximize the space’s potential. There are many ways to create a more exciting and saleable interior for little to no cost. Even the smallest changes could make a big impact with potential tenants and improve the overall feel of the house or apartment. The following areas should be focused on to maximize your potential.



Keep your space fully lit. It is best to show your property during the day and to maximize the natural light. Keeping the room as bright as possible can be achieved with clean windows, appropriate light bulbs, light paint colors on the walls, and the use of mirrors to “open up” the space.



You can never go wrong with neutral, light colors on the walls. Consider shades of white, off-white and very light pastels for the interior of the space. Bright colors as accents could be beneficial and make the room POP! Utilize bright colors with fresh flowers, rugs, or towels.


Entry Way

The entry way is the first thing that your tenant will see; it’s important that you make a strong first impression immediately. Make sure that floors and walls are clean, maybe even repainted to create the “new” look that is always coveted. Hall light fixtures and attractive furniture can create a positive impact on your tenant.



One of the most important rooms in the house and an incredible selling point is the kitchen. This room should probably be the cleanest, well-lit, and styled and decorated to maximize space and attract. The room should smell fresh and appliances should be off the countertop to increase the space. Consider installing new knobs or hardware for cabinets, organize kitchen cabinets, and some fresh paint couldn’t hurt.



Spruce up the bathroom and create a lasting impression for potential tenants. Where the bathroom used to be seen as utilitarian, it has become a more exciting and decorated space. There are easy ways to create interest and create the “model home effect” for your tenants. Consider replacing old toilet seats, old light fixtures, and old towel racks. Creative and unique colored towels and shower currents can inspire and create a fun, modern atmosphere.



One of the most important selling points are the home’s bedrooms. Create a space that your tenants can see themselves in. The bedroom should be spotless, rugs cleaned, and windows washed to increase the space’s light. A well-lit bedroom will make it appear larger and more attractive to potential tenants.