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Even if you are a seasoned professional in the rental world, and you’ve had to deal with tenant eviction countless times before, there are still plenty of things that can slow down or even stop you from getting unwanted residents out of your Miami property. You don’t want to take tenant eviction lightly, as you could end up at the wrong end of a nasty lawsuit. Do things right and you can get your property back the way you want it fast and easy.


One of the biggest reasons that rental agencies decide to evict tenants is because they have failed to pay rent. Sometimes this is because they can no longer afford the property, occasionally they have moved away without telling you. However, at times tenants withhold rent because they are dissatisfied with your practices as a landlord. If you have failed to do necessary repairs to their unit or haven’t addressed other issues, tenants might not want to pay you. You may have notable experience with tenant eviction, but you will be surprised to know that they actually have the legal right to do so. Basic property law says that a tenant may withhold rent from a landlord who hasn’t kept up their end of the bargain. If you try to evict a tenant in Miami who is doing this, you will find yourself in court.


Inform your Tenant of your Intent

Failure to properly inform a tenant of your intent to evict can also cause you big problems. Say that a tenant is incessantly loud and several other tenants have complained to you about it. You can’t just post an eviction notice on that tenant’s door. Tenant eviction involves a few more steps than that. You have to realize that the occupant might not realize that they are being too loud. In this case a warning would suffice, or maybe even some sort of citation if you are that stringent about the terms of your lease. Threats of eviction tend to make people do crazy things, so avoid those until there are no other options.

A lot of things can stand in your way as you approach evicting your tenant, especially in Miami. Just remember that if you follow the law and are clear about your policies from the onset, you should see no problems when trying to get unwanted tenants out of your property. Keep your head on straight and look at all the options before you do anything too rash.