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In Miami, tenant eviction can seem like the only solution. Often you know for sure that you want to evict one of your tenants. They’ve been loud, they haven’t paid rent, and they’ve done major damage to your property. But sometimes there are occupants who have rented from you for quite a while but recently things have gone sour. You may have had some sort of disagreement, or maybe they have a newborn who is too loud and disturbing the neighbors. Would you really want to get rid of a good tenant? Even is they have done something that technically violates your lease? Maybe there is a better way to settle this disagreement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

One route that you may want to consider is Alternative Dispute Resolution. Known as ADR by people who specialize in conflict resolution, these processes often produce positive results for everyone involved. Rather than evict a tenant and force them to find a new residence in Miami, you could use a mediator to find an agreeable solution and save you both from a ton of paperwork and hassle.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of a meeting with all the concerned parties and an impartial person who will give suggestions on how to proceed. Other times this third party makes an actual decision. There is even a form that is very similar to a trial with both parties being represented by attorneys. These different forms can be very helpful when it comes to tenant eviction and should be considered by every landlord.

Before you actually go ahead and evict a tenant in Miami, stop and think about the situation for a while and ask yourself a few questions: Have they really done anything that warrants being kicked out of their home? Was there something that you could have done better to avoid the situation? Will it be extremely difficult to find a new tenant without losing a lot of money? Are you worried about your reputation as a landlord and what your other tenants might think about your practices? Are you willing to risk the chance of being tied up in the court system for months, if not years because of a silly lawsuit? If you have even the slightest hesitation about evicting your tenant, consider Alternative Dispute Resolution before you do so.