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Once you find good, reliable tenants you’re going to want to keep them. This can be easier said than done. Prove yourself as the best choice in every way possible. Maintenance may not be what you think of when you think, “Happy Tenants” but kind, prompt service speaks volumes. Your tenants will thank you and remember you for it.

1. Anticipate and be prepare for common maintenance calls.

Identify common maintenance issues in the living space and anticipate accordingly. Troubleshoot the problems the best you can but acknowledge the issues your tenants are most likely to experience.

2. Follow up on every maintenance call. 

Follow-up on every completed service request by phone, email, or drop by personally. It’s a courtesy that many tenants don’t experience often. Extend your services and assure them to give your maintenance team a call if the experience any other issues.

3. Introduce yourself and your maintenance team personally. 

When introducing yourself and your maintenance team, always use a name rather than vague identifier. A name improves the retention in the tenants mind and also increases the likelihood of a pleasant experience.

4. Maintain an open line of communication. 

Keep an open line of communication between you, your maintenance team, and tenants. Ensure all parties that they are more than welcome to contact you for any issues. Maintain updated, clearly posted information such as telephone number and email.

Ness Property Management is dedicated to providing the best experience for you and your tenants. Kind, consistent service gives your tenants peace of mind and improves your reputation, guaranteeing you a filled home no matter what. Contact us for any and all of your property management questions or concerns.