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npmThat summer heat is definitely making itself known! The heat is spreading across Florida and making good on what Florida is known for; sun, sand, and the beach! As fun as a day at the beach can be, it’s important that your tenants have a cool place to come home to. Make sure your air conditioning systems are ready for the sweltering summer sun with regular maintenance checks and repairs.

There are a few basic but key components that make up a happy and healthy air conditioning system; filters, coils, fins, and overall cleanliness.


Air filters are the first thing you should check and regularly clean. Filters keep debris, dirt, and harmful contaminants from getting inside your home. However, they only work properly if they’re regularly changed. A dirty air filter can cause health problems, affect the indoor air quality, and even affect the temperature of your home. If the air cannot cycle through properly, you won’t be as cool as you’d like. Replacing a dirty filter with a new one can significantly improve your AC’s energy consumption by as much as 15%. Air filters are generally easy to replace and check.  Replace or clean your AC’s filters every few months or weeks (depending on the air conditioning system) and save energy and money.


You air conditioner’s coils work hand in hand with your filter. Over the years, a condenser and evaporator coil will gather a substantial amount of dirt over their years of service but a clean filter keeps it from getting too dirty, too fast. Check your coils at least once a year and keep it clean. If the coil is too dirty it will affect the airflow and may even block it. Avoid this with regular maintenance checks.

Coil Fins

Aluminum fins on condenser and evaporator coils can be easily bent and may also block proper airflow. Check them regularly to make sure they aren’t bent or restricting airflow.