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eviction paperworkIf you’re a landlord about to evict a tenant in Naples, it’s important to know the statutes and legal limitations specific to Florida. Tenant evictions require an extensive process, from serving a formal written notice with very specific information to a possible Eviction Summons if the tenant is unresponsive. You also must have a valid reason for eviction or the repercussions could end up costing you more than you think.

Legal Reasons to Evict a Tenant in Naples

You can’t just drop a tenant because you don’t like the way he or she looks. Florida requires a specific reason to evict a tenant. Those reasons can include:

  1. Tenant failed to pay rent
  2. The tenant has been frequently reported for acts of unreasonable nuisance
  3. The tenant committed property damage intentionally or through severe neglect
  4. The tenant committed a criminal act

Always Consult a Professional to Help You Evict a Tenant

If you’re unfamiliar with the eviction process, your first step should always be to consult an experienced professional. Going about the eviction process the wrong way can have an adverse effect for you, the landlord, even if you have a valid reason for eviction. Any deviation from the Florida tenant eviction process established by the state can cause legal repercussions and even end with you paying the renter for civil damages. That’s why if you are not a legal attorney with experience in eviction, it’s important to consult one.

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Ness Property Management Handles Naples Evictions

We get it. Evictions can be messy business, and a seasoned attorney can result in costly bills and increased stress you may not want to take on. Luckily, there are other options. Our exceptional team is well-versed in the state laws and statutes around eviction and can handle the eviction process for you, hassle-free! We help to save you time and money by handling the eviction on your behalf, so if you’re a Naples landlord who needs to evict a tenant, give us a call at 305-431-5657 to see how we can help.