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Having too many vacant units as a property director in Miami, can spell disaster for your finances and even the buildings that you own. If you have too many vacant units, you won’t be making any money and people will start thinking that there is something wrong with your property. So when you do have a vacancy, the best thing to do is fill it as soon as possible. This can be difficult when no one is particularly interested in the property. So how do you make people interested? What are some ways you can advertise? Is there any problem in over-advertising?

Too many property managers make the mistake of letting their property fall to pieces because the current tenants just really don’t care one way or another. The problem with this is that once one of those tenants leaves. Now you are left with a run down property that no one really wants to rent. So, even though you don’t want to spend a ton of time keeping up a property when no one will notice right away, you should still do it in case there is a chance that one of your current tenants will leave.

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Advertising Routes

There are so many routes through which a property manager can advertise their Miami property. Never forget the power of the newspaper. People may be totally inclined to look online first, but there is still a notable group of individuals who read the newspaper and especially its ads. Of course, you can post your listing online—because that’s where the rest of the population looks. For sure, bus advertisement, bench backs, and school bulletin boards are still fair game and a good idea for the seasoned pro.

While all of your properties may be fully occupied, there is no problem at all with advertising. Some might call this “over-advertising”, but all the best property managers know that this is how you maintain a full house in your properties. Always advertise, even if you don’t need to. People will voice their interest in your rental property, and you can get a better understanding of how much of a demand there is for Miami rental units. There is no such thing as too much advertisement.

Getting the word out about your Miami property as a manager can be hard, but keep it up and you will have a ton of interest in your property!