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npmApril showers are definitely sprinkling in Southwest Florida. All this rain and heat has us anticipating heavy summer showers in the upcoming months. As Property Managers, this means a few important things for your property and tenants. In the case of an emergency it’s imperative that you’re prepared and have some sort of plan that you can execute to minimize injury, damage, and start working towards a better tomorrow.

Florida is a picturesque place to call home; sunny days and white, sandy beaches, and a never-ending list of places to visit. There’s a healthy balance, however, and Florida is not without it’s faults. Our beloved state is flat and nearly at water level. This means that flooding is a major concern. Ness Property Management has a few recommendations before and after flooding. Being prepared is your greatest tool.

  • Before a potential flood, give priority to the electrics around your properties. Shut down the electricity that you’re able to (empty properties) for protection.
  • Ensure that your tenants are equipped with flashlights and any other emergency goods.
  • Watch for and avoid loose electrical wires.
  • Avoid driving and ensure that your tenants also remain indoors.
  • Avoid mold and harmful bacteria by cleaning the area, removing the furniture that cannot be salvaged, and consider hiring a professional to thoroughly inspect the property. Mold can severely damage the infrastructre and poses serious health risks.
  • Check for broken or leaking water pipes and turn off the water if needed.

Ness Property Management is here to help you, rain or shine. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.