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nessThere are a lot of buyers in the Miami condominium market that are Brazilian and from other South American countries. A lot of Canadian, as well. Why? Well, we’re happy to say that the real estate market is back and bigger than ever. Since the economic downfall, the Miami real estate market suffered in the face of high prices and limited buyers. Today however, the market is steadily becoming the strong force it once was. As a result, foreign investors and buyers are flocking to the popular Miami area to pick out their own piece of this exciting, profitable real estate puzzle.

With the influx of shares, office space entrepreneurs and business owners can consider buying real estate in Miami area for 3 reasons:

1. Working Vacation

Send employees to Miami for a working vacation. They reside in the condo and can walk to one of the shared office spaces to work and get away from the family for a few hours each day. The property becomes a legitimate business expense which may provide tax benefits.

2. Satellite Office

This has become an increasingly popular and affordable way to expand your footprint in a booming market. Open a small affiliate office at an affordable monthly rate until it makes sense to expand into a larger, more permanent space.

Send one of your rising stars to live in a nearby condo within walking distance of the office and begin growing your business presence in a hot market.

3. Start-Up Office

Have an idea for new business?  Control start-up costs by utilizing a virtual private office at one of these co-working spaces. Not only is this a smart business tactic for entrepreneurs, it also offers a great networking opportunity to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in, and outside, the area.

Ness Property Management offers a red carpet concierge service to help business owners from out of the country identify property for purchase from both auction block and even before it goes to auction. Contact us today for complimentary, confidential consultation.