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npmIn a perfect world every tenant would be your favorite; kind, courteous, prompt, and responsible. Unfortunately, that’s not very realistic and occasionally every property manager will encounter unfavorable tenants. it’s important to know that there are issues you can take care of and that you’re certainly not alone.

Rent Issues

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a tenant that is late, or completely misses, rent payments. This puts everyone in a difficult situation. It’s important to set forth a strict process early on in your property management career. Communication with your tenant is key in your relationship and paves the way towards a positive solution to future issues. Life happens and things occur that may disrupt a payment which is understandable and can be handled with honesty and communication. Consistently late payments is a little more difficult to tackle. Consider moving the due date to later in the month. Have a discussion with your tenant about the problems and brainstorm solutions.


“Rental” means a few things, but it does not excuse property damage. It doesn’t matter that your tenant doesn’t own the space, they should still care for it consistently and respectfully. In the case of damage, keep a record and inspect regularly. If you encounter damage, take photos and notes, be sure to also include the date. In your lease you should have a section that discusses property damage and their responsibility.

Noise Complaints

Noisy tenants can be trouble tenants. The last thing you need is consistent complaints from neighbors due to a rowdy bunch. In your lease, have a clause that addresses noise levels in regards to the area and time of day. Absolutely confront a tenant for noise complaints. Contacting the authorities is another viable option for consistent offenders.

Whether your tenants are young or old, there is still set rules that need to be followed. Communication is the most important aspect of a tenant/property manager relationship. However, never forget that if the issues continue and there seems to be no effort of improvement or courtesy, more measures can be taken. Check out our Tenant Eviction Service page for more information.