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miamiIt’s easy to see why foreign investors are taking such an interest in the Miami area. South Florida is unquestionably a leader in luxury real estate investments. Mid-town Miami in particular is growing at a rapid rate due to the positive rise in the economy which is fueling the real estate industry and investment opportunities. The sheer scale of Miami is also an enormous advantage for investors, who have a variety of cities and spaces to choose from. Miami is made up of gorgeous nooks and crannies. From Coral Gables to Hollywood, from Kendall to Mid-town Miami, the area is sprinkled with properties for every taste.

While the country is still recovering from the economic downward spiral we were originally in, the prices of properties have never been lower. Foreign investors are taking advantage of the low prices. They’re expensive for US citizens but affordable to foreigners who are used to higher prices in their respective countries. The ratio between the euro and the dollar as well as the pound and the dollar is a pretty large gap, creating a smart sale for foreign investors who want to get started in the United States property industry.

The price is more than worth it for the location as well. Miami is renowned worldwide for the beaches, art culture, and luxury. It is the ideal vacation destination and a profitable investment for investors. What better way to spend your summers (and winter’s!) than in a villa facing the ocean. Foreign investors are recognizing that the location and price is a safe bet for their interests. The United States legal system is one of the most trustworthy when it comes to property rights. Foreign investors feel safe investing their money into a system that places a high level of prominence on property rights.

The US legal system isn’t the only attraction to foreign investors, the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low to attract foreign investors and developers. As the economy steadily improves, the market is becoming safe and attractive for investors. Investors want the most bang for their buck and they’re getting it by investing in one of the most popular cities in the United States. The economy is stable, our feet are on the ground resulting in more jobs and good news for the property industry. For the first time in nearly five years, we are seeing an increase in sales and building. Miami has grown a lot since it was hit hard during the economic recession and it’s coming back better and bigger than ever.

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